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RE: Trulio (tulio?) Disgracias Lady*Nutmegg Feb 25, 2004 03:00 PST
Dude- all I have to say, is tonight was by far one of the greatest trulio sets i've seen since the late 90's, and lemme tell ya'll, i've seen quite a few in the past few months (bout 60% of them... and some...errrr... not so perty). They were definitely on point, not redundant (which has been to their detriment on many other shows) and was a full on groove session- not just your typical "jam" session. As much as I hate to admit it, one of the biggest factors was there wasn't 200 people on stage. In the late 90's it worked and was magic considering they were all insanely tight musicians and friends which jammed on a constant (just hanging out, parties, etc) but lately the "magic" has seemed hard to come by considering many, many of the "newer" trulio members all seem to be battling for the lime light, not even listening to what the person next to em is playing. Previously it was like half the people trying to solo at the same time, while the other half were trying to hold it together. Anyhow here was the line up from memory:

Norwood: vocals/bass
Mark Cross: vocals/keyboard/drums (from weapon of choice)
Jamin Laws (spelling?): sax (from see spot, one of my fav trad. Ska bands)
Bob (I think that was his name): trombone I believe (im assuming a close musical friend of jamin cause they were on point together for every single note)
Roger: guitar (hypnofuge)
Billy Bass (im 90% sure): on bass (no lonnie this time around)
????: guitar (some guy i've never seen before)
????: on keys, when mark was on drums...
so not sure if he was on drums when mark was on keys and then a few singers and lyricists. But yeah, I was amazed. I think it was the horns that made it over the top for me. But overall, an insanely beautiful fricken night...lauren...

PFUNK1: talked to norwood and he say this could go on for awhile, that was a couple weeks ago when i seen them on 12/2/2003. before that he told me he was ready to run with this website shit and that he got music clips and other stuff for show. i been slackin at gettin at him to hook all this up. i overhauled the website 12/11/2003 so maybe that will be my catalyst to get on it. i missed good hurt on 12/9 cause i was sick. well get with him to verify playdates and get them posted to jambase.com

Here's the beauty of it: "The Nut" and "The Bone" - L.A.'s Weapon of Choice, Fishbone, Trulio Disgracias alliance - are the natural allies of George and his P-Funk Time Lords, and together many times they have fought the Funk Wars side by side. In 1998 at the Roxy on Sunset, Trulio gave one of the best shows in memory - it started with a marching band entering in costume from Sunset, and ended with a walk-on jam led new star-style by... George Clinton. Which reminds me. Excuse me one second - Hey Norwood, what's up with Trulio?? Remember that show at Luz de Jesus Gallery in '97 with Angelo (Fishbone's wickedly well-dressed lead screamer) judo-chopping on the theremin? The huddled masses need some more of that mean-on-the-scene musical activism! Like the unforgettable Miss Vicky Calhoun, the singer with the pipes of a young Aretha, who turned it loose on "Whole Lotta Love" for a good LONG time - Lonnie, Norwood and Arik teamed up on the Temps' "Shaky Ground" and NWA's "F*** Tha Police" that night. Good lord, people, Trulio is what we need, not Brand X and Boy Band Z." hollywoodfiveo.com

December 10, 2003 Trulio Disgracias
Yo, people. Impromptu gig, didn't know we'd sort of be opening (along with other jammin' folks) for Trulio Disgracias! They're that mish-mash band, strung together from various famous bands and truly nutty cats. Check 'em out. I did a weird spoken word thang for about 17 minutes (accompanied by acoustic stand-up bass, quite groovy). Then we sauntered into "Somertime," Billie Holiday gypsy style, and all these Disgracious dudes crept up there to jam with us! Whoever that was on flute - thanks dude! You were great, inspiring ... Now then ... Here's a short list of people I talked to last night, and tha things we talked about:

A. Angelo from Fishbone. ("Yeah, Todd ... you were up there spittin' it! ... SPITTIN' IT!")
B. Norwood. ("Aww, man ... I gotta get me one of them upright basses!")
C. Meghan from Cincinnati. ("I rrreally like Incubus!")
D. Lots of others from Trulio Disgracious. (Varied.)
E. Adam. (the Mormon)
F. Lott . ("Are we called Two Guys from Venice ... or two Guys from Venus!?")
G. Kat. (sex and pizza)
H. David from Venezuela (sex and pizza)
I. Chris Tuba. (Debby Deb's party ... and tubas)
Peace. -Todd 007
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Super 8's vocalist, Bronx Style Bob, ... Upon moving to the West Coast in '90, he changed direction, joining the funk group Trulin Disgracias as their singer, whose members included musicians from Fishbone, Parliament/Funkadelic, Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Brand New Heavies.

September 1996
So what is in the future for Fishbone? We've still got Nuttstock to do with Weapon of Choice and Trulio Disgracias. It's kind of an All-Star project. It's actually a, well it's the work of the Nuttness Monster.

Feb 12, 1997
Source: Addicted To Noise
George Clinton Jams With Fishbone Spin-Off
Addicted To Noise staff writer Gil Kaufman reports:
It was a meeting of the funkin' minds at Hollywood's Roxy nightclub this past Sunday night (February 9). For those who passed by the marquee and didn't think to check out the band Trulio Disgracias, you missed an epic 45-minute jam between Fishbone and the father of funk, George Clinton. Clinton, in town for the Image Awards and an appearance on the Tonight Show, got word that the Disgracias crew -a P-Funk-like collective of musicians that includes members of Fishbone, Weapon of Choice, Vicky Calhoun of Spigot, ex-Red Hot Chili Pepper Arik Marshall, two ex-members of Spearhead, members of Super 8 and whoever else feels like jamming-wanted him to drop by. Fishbone's Norwood Fisher told ATN that Disgracias' numbers fluctuate between 15 and 30 members, and on this bill, which also included Yeska and the Epitaph band Union, there was plenty of room for one more. Fisher said Clinton was there from the beginning of the show, when he "started off with some of the newer rhymes off his last couple of albums, then we jammed on a whole bunch of songs: 'One Nation,' 'Night of the Thumpasaurus People,' 'Red Hot Mama,' 'Do That Stuff,' 'Uncle Jam Wants You.' He would get a chant going, then jump into another song." After about 45 minutes, Clinton stepped down and Disgracias did their set of Afro-Cuban influenced funk, what Fisher called "the Nutmeg sound. All nuts, anyway you slice it." Although it's hard to believe, this was only the second meeting of these two funk forces, according to Norwood. "He played with us at one of Madonna's birthday parties back in 1989, I think." Fisher also said Fishbone have tracked 11 songs for their next album with R&B producer Dallas Austin, their first for Rowdy Records. Tentatively-titled The Nutcase Scenario, Fisher hopes to have it out by summer. In the meantime, they're looking for the person who videotaped the Roxy show, because they just might want to release that someday, you know? www.efn.org

April 1997
According to Addicted To Noise, Fishbone's Norwood Fisher will be taking his roving, roaming P-Funk-inspired funk circus on the road from mid-April through early June with a lineup of bands that includes everyone from ska upkeepers the Skeletones to the reformed Thelonious Monster. Nuttstalk '97, which will feature DJ sets in between bands, finds Fisher sharing the stage with Joi, Weapon of Choice, Super 8, former Red Hot Chili Pepper John Frusciante, the Street Walkin' Cheetas and the supergroup Trulio Disgracias. This time around Trulio will include three members of Fishbone, three ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers and past and current members of Weapon of Choice, Spearhead, the Untouchables, Super 8, Circle Jerks and P-Funk.

May 1997
Part of the Trulio Disgracias ensemble pic: John Frusciante, Bob Forrest (Thelonius Monster), and Norwood (Fishbone) at the "House of Blues", Chicago May 4th 1997

May 1998
Before that new album (and the new albums from Dirty Walt and Trulio Disgracias) will be the "Fishbone & Friends" project, featuring performances from many other artists. nutmeguk.tripod.com

May 1999
[There's also] James Gray, who also had been playing with us quite a bit. He's from the band Spearhead. We've known him for years. He's actually a Trulio Disgracias member, and so is John Stewart."We've got a Trulio Disgracias record that's coming out.

August 1999
Trulio Disgracias, as some of you may know, has an album coming out on Transmission Records. It is going to be called "Nuttin's Gonna Get You If You Don't Look Out." October 1999 The albums by Trulio Disgracias and Dirty Walt and the Columbus Sanitations are not going to be out until a distributor for the albums is found. efn.org

October 1999
1163 The band name Trulio Disgracias. They're not really from OC, but their label Transmission was.

November 1999
Trulio Disgracias returns to the stage The Nutmeg funk collective Trulio Disgracias will appear on stage for the first time in two years when they play a gig on 30th November at the Roxy in W. Hollywood, California. Although the lineup constantly shifts around nutmeg lynchpin Norwood Fisher, it is expected to include all members of Fishbone and Weapon of Choice; drummer D.H. of the Dead Kennedys; current and former members of Parliament and P-Funk Allstars; Prince from Black Eyed Peas and the legendary HR from Soul Brains (formerly Bad Brains). It will also include the Skeletones' horn section, singers Vicky Calhoun, Durga McBroom and Terrez Lee, and percussionist Ravi. Looks like it might be a show that rivals the golden days of P-Funk for sheer weight of on-stage numbers! 25th November 1999. nutmeguk.tripod.com

February 2000
The nutmeg touring festival, Nuttstalk, is on its way this month too. Bands will include Fishbone, Trulio Disgracias, Vicky Calhoun, Blowfly, members of Weapon of Choice and possibly also Weapon of Choice themselves, among others. (2-2000) nutmeguk.tripod.com

March 2000
Several days later at the Key Club on Sunset, which in some hours will host Nuttstalk 2000 - an annual event hosting the Fishbone spin-off known as Trulio Disgracias Nuttstalk 2000, by the way, is an utterly funky success. Later, the Trulio Disgracias show steams up a packed house.

April 2000
John Steward (who'd played in the Fishbone side project Trulio Disgracias) SO. WITH A TERRIFIC BREAKTHROUGH ALBUM READY TO strike, several side projects on the way (the long-awaited Trulio Disgracias album...) John Steward. Steward, had played with various Fishbone members in Trulio Disgracias.

May 2000
William Moore played saxophone himself in the big band era of the 1940s and '50s, with members of touring orchestras when they passed through Youngstown, Ohio. When Fishbone was just starting out in Los Angeles in the mid-1980s, Angelo's father remembers one Saturday housecleaning day in the Moore home when he heard a blazing sax player on the radio. "I went into Angelo's room," says William, "because this guy was really good. I told Angelo, 'Come listen to this cat,' and he just smiled and said, That's me, dad.'"

June 2000
In addition to touring with The Time, Tori (Ruffin) is currently working with members of Fishbone in the Trulio Disgracias project.

June 2001
Trulio Disgracias (the funk supergroup comprising members of just about every funky band on the West Coast, but revolving around lynchpin Norwood from Fishbone) are planning a 10 date tour in the US. nutmeguk.tripod.com

...Arik Marshall, an LA guitar fixture who had played in a band called Trulio Disgracias with Flea.

Weapon of Choice, Fishbone, Trulio Disgracias, and Adrianna Evans. Why is it that you only get to see one side of the music coming out of L.A.? BH: Well, the fact that you've heard of Weapon of Choice is definitely a sign that it's starting to change. blackrockcoalition dot org

Good Burger Original Soundtrack
1. All I Want - 702 2. That's The Way (It's Goin' Down) - Mint Condition 3. I'll Be There For You - Tracie Spencer 4. Keep On - The Pharcyde 5. Friends - Warren G 6. We're All Dudes - Less Than Jake + Kel Mitchell 7. Man - The Presidents Of The United States Of America 8. So-Cal V8 - Redd Kross 9. Do Fries Go With That Shake? - Trulio Disgracias + De La Soul 10. (Not The) Greatest Rapper - 1000 Clowns 11. Roxanne - Spearhead 12. Knee Deep (The Deeper Mix) - George Clinton + Digital Underground imusic.

Payne, Clip: Musician, Sax Player. Played With Funkadelic and Trulio Disgracias. Trulio Disgracias: A partime band consisting of many musicians from different bands. The members are Angelo Moore of Fishbone, Keith Chapman who has played (horns etc) with the Chili Peppers on many occasions, Arik Marshall, Clip Payne from Parliament/ Funkadelic who also played with the Chili Peppers on the Mother's Milk tour, Norwood Fisher, Dirty Walt, Flea and sometimes John. Chapman, Keith: A friend of the band (RHCP) who played in Trulio Disgracias and has played together with them on tour.

In the late '80s,
Khaleel headed to the West Coast where he hooked up with producer/writer John O'Brien. The two joined Trulio Disgracias, a funk collective that included members of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fishbone and Parliament/Funkadelic

Al Stewart:
Laurence says Strangers in the Night. A Julio Iglesias tribute. I think a mix of old and new. Interestingly enough there is a band in Los Angeles called Trulio Disgracias.

The Nuttsak
"For those of you who didn't know, the Nuttsak was once a Beautiful Art Deco styled 1930's U.S. Post office. 50 years later the joint was jumpin' as the rehearsal - recording studio known as, the Hole. Ultimately it became Fishbone's headquarters And the home of Phil Harmonics Star station Mercury, where Bands and artists such as Lakeside, Ziggy Marley and his crew, Boss Skank, Black Uhuru Ike Turner, Mickey Dread, H.R. of the Bad Brains, Shocka Zulu and many more filter'd back and forth from Nuttsak to Star Station. Many fun times where had and strippers, pornstarrs, badd Chinese food all night Kronic festivals forty ounce hangovers, groupie parties, police raids and some of the most talented and diverse Musicians the world has ever known. (as well as a couple of Groovy Ghost and spirits that occupied the dwelling of Nuttz.) which also added a special twist to the musical creations that evolved from the Nutsak. Some of these musical spermy creations that have penetrated the Eggsack, and have manifested themselves into a factual art fetus are: Trulio Disgrecious Dirty Walt and the Columbus Sanitation's exnutt, on "Barrio Artistas", a compilation CD of East L.A. Latino bands put together by Eddie Iyala and Norwood Fisher. and The Dr. MaddVibe Comprehensive Linkology CD.
(by Angelo Moore)
Also in the Nuttsak is where Fishbone would rehearse and record their demos for the new Album that FishBone will be releasing with Hollywood records called Fishbone and Friends (or maybe) The Psycotic Friends Nuttwerk (or maybe) The Fishbone Familyhood Affair (or maybe) Escape from Mouschawitz. What ever we end up calling it it'll be the right title And right on time. On this particular Album we are attempting widen our barriers with both Music and the Human listening mass by collaberating with different musicians such as Drummers Abe Laboriel (The Raging Honkees) John Robinson (Rufus) James Grey (Weapon of choice) Dion Murdock (Mothers Finest) percussion: "Ravi" Lenny Castro Different Guitars: David Baerwald The Red Hot Chilli Peppers Billy Bass (Funkedelic) Primus BlowFly Gwen Stephani (No Doubt) Rick James Perry Ferrel Patrick Warren The Frank Zappa Horns(Walt Fowler Bruce Fowler Albert Wing) Richard Delve Ray Mid City finite Square La Wills Bridgett Female background vocalist: Rose Stone (Sly & the Family stone) Mona Lisa Young Alex Young Porche' Durga McBroom Monica Reed Kandice Lindsey Neb Love And of course the still O.G. remaining members of Fishbone: Angelo C. Moore Norway Fisher Dirty Walt Space T. Then there is John McNight on Keyboard, Trombone and many other instruments and the Drummer: Chimm Chimm On August 15th, the Band performed at the Whiskey in Hollywood on at a Benefit in the matinee hours of the day. For the Lead singer for the Circle Jerks Keith Morris who has been one of L.A.'s pioneers of Punk Rock of the early Eighties Needed the funds to cover for the operation for the removal of his appendix which had burst and polyps on the colon. Also, the removal of a tumor. The Circle Jerks have been a major part in my Hardcore Education and musical inspiration. Later on in the evening at the Greek theater in Hollywood ca. Fishbone played the last date of the Watcha' Tour."