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ATN's own Jon Luini (who is also a member of the Mudkats) told us that his band was scheduled to perform yesterday (Oct. 1) at 4 PM. at the San Francisco club Nightbreak, but was bumped back to 5:30 so that Trulio Disgracias could go on at 4 PM. Trulio Disgracias is the name of the band that members of Sonic Youth and Fishbone have formed for impromptu performances. This past weekend they made two appearances at the less-than-100-person capacity Haight Street club. Nightbreak was packed Saturday night, but the last-minute Sunday afternoon show played to an enthused but less-than-capacity crowd (which means everyone there could enjoy themselves without elbowing each other). Fishbone's Angelo opened the set as Dr. Mad Vibe, reading poetry while playing a theramin (the instrument the Beach Boys used on "Good Vibrations"). He was then joined by a full band including three female singers and Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Renaldo. The hour-plus set was an extended funk (by way of Sly and the Family Stone) jam. Three quarters of the way through, they had the entire crowd participating in a repeated chant of: "Who in the fuck are you? Who in the fuck are you?" Who indeed.

5-13/14 - (NUTTSTALK 19 NUTTY 7) Wetlands Preserve, NYC
5/15 - The Bayou, Washington DC
5/16 - The Boat House, Norfolk VA
5/17 - Elbow Room, Columbia SC
5/18 - Ziggy's, Winston Salem NC
5/19 - Grand Opera House - Macon GA
5/20 - Cotton Club, Atlanta GA
5/21 - House of Blues, New Orleans LA
5/22 - Grant Street Dance Hall, Lafayette LA
5/23 - Liberty Lunch, Austin TX
5/24 - White Rabbit, San Antonio TX
5/25 - Day Off!
5/26 - Fox Theatre, Boulder CO
5/28 - Tonies, Colorado Springs CO
5/30 - Rico Theatre, Rico CO
5/31 - Double Diamond, Aspen CO
6/01 - Holy Cow, Salt Lake City UT
6/02 - Boise ID
6/03 - Ballard Fire House, Seattle WA
6/04 - Crystal Ball Room, Portland OR
6/05 - Humbolt CA
6/06 - Maritime Center, San Francisco CA
6/07 - Tahoe or Palo Alto
6/08 - House of Blues, Los Angeles CA

Sat Jul 25 1998
LaTele en Silverlake

Thu Jul 23 1998
Pedro's Grill
27 de Julio Silverlake,
Hollywood CA, USA.
Con miembreso de los RedHotChiliP+Fishbone)

Wed Jul 22 1998
Pedro's Grill
Presentado por Eddie Ayala. Trulio son algunos de los Chili Peppers mas algunos de Fishbone.

Wed Jul 15 1998
Trulio Disgracias (Fishbone +) y LaTele 27 de Julio

The Roxy

14 Below

Mon, 22 Nov 1999
Trulio Disgracias 10 Year Anniversary Jam!
performing will be: Fishbone, HR from Bad Brains, Wayne Kramer of MC5, DH Peligro, Billy Bass, Blackbird McKnight, Bronx Style Bob,Vickie Calhoun, members of The Untouchables, Parliament and Weapon of Choice + many many more. also performing that night The Skeletones and Speaker

Fri. Dec. 3rd
The Iguana Cantina
12901 Philadelphia Uptown Whittier 562-698-7169 A night of amazing music not to be missed!

February 23 2000
Wild Duck
Eugene, OR.
NORWOOD YOU It was a nutrageous night of funky moves and nasty grooves at the FISHBONE/TRULIO DISGRACIAS posse's annual NUTTSTALK gathering at the KEY CLUB. The jam-o-rama has had some big-name guests over the years, and since every bathroom stall in the place was plastered with fliers for Fishbone's new release, The Psychotic Friends Nuttwerk, and touting contributions by GWEN STEFANI, GEORGE CLINTON, RICK JAMES, PERRY FARRELL, DONNY OSMOND (?!) and members of the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, we were hoping for some stellar sit-ins. None of those luminaries showed, but we were treated to the smooth sounds of WEAPON OF CHOICE, whose scantily clad dancer JELLYBEAN - the braided gal who danced in boy's undies with FLEA during the Peppers' infamous MTV Music Awards set a few years back - mesmerized the young urban hotties. Things got even steamier when '70s dirty dude rapper BLOWFLY took the stage in a silver glitter mask and matching cape, and offered a free CD to any girl who would "get onstage and touch NORWOOD FISHER's dick." Strangely, no one took him up on the offer. If only he had meant that 6-inch dreadlock protruding from the Fishbone bassist's forehead. -Lina Lecaro

May 14, June 3, August 12 2001
Temple Bar
Santa Monica, CA.

January 9 2002
Fais Do-do
Los angeles, ca

January 4 2003
Temple Bar
Santa Monica, CA.
overton showed up. tori ruffin on guitar. literally ran into norwood before the show. lonnie and mark all up in the mix. jellybean be groovin, i like how she shakes to the beat. shook mallia franklin's hand after show.

March 7, 2003
Fais Dodo
returned after a break to catch the tail end of one band when the house music comes on and its: parliament's up for the downstroke. i hollered. then came chocolate city (once again there was only two black people in the place as this racially pro-black song played), p-funk, mothership connection and we want the funk. as we want the funk played the guitar for band warming up started playing with the riff. then the drums drifted in. next thing i know we groovin to an improv live version. it was good. and when it was over the guitar player stated with excitement that they were still playing in time with the track. why is it that almost everywhere i go i hear p-funk? and i wasnt wearing no pfunk propaganda clothing either. trulio disgracias was good this night. the band was made up of young cats i didnt recognize, but they grooved. good vibey jam session. funky, very spirited. like jambandish, but noticeably slightly more funky. trulio had a couple of youn brothas who rapped and one played drums. hispanic rappers from the crowd got up on stage and did their thang. vicky calhoun sounded really good too. saw lonnie earlier in the night, but he was gone by the time trulio hit the stage. norwood ever so slightly morphed into red hot momma by funkadelic. vicky calhoun was calling for it more than once before we got into it. but the thing was how mr fisher was playing another funky bassline when i noticed the slightest adjustments and the faint groove of red hot momma. man that was good. several p-funk chats and riffs in the music. it was lauren's birthday and a very well spirited night. jabudah was ok. natural afrodisiac was good as always. these boys seem like they come to play and they have a lot of percussion so there are a lot of good rhythms. jellybean was doing her dance good this evening. after i got warmed up i was able to almost keep up with her. very, very good evening of music and funky vibe.

September 13
Good Hurt

September 16, 2003
from trulio disgracias: Norwood's birthday party...
Posted by Lamar... on , This past Saturday night, K-dog, his cuz sanchmoat, and myseLf trekked down to cLub good hurt to ceLebrate Norwood's birthday, TruLio styLee...aLong the way, we saw the phosphorescent aLgae gLowing purpLe in the crashing waves aLong the pacific coast highway. We arrived around 10:30, greeted by a pLume of Luscious incense smoke so sweet and pungent, something toLd me this was a puff-friendLy neighborhood. 'wood was chiLLin' at the bar as a succession of foLks Loaded in Lots of drums and horns. Then everybody put on funky costumes and started heading out the door. We kept waiting for the show to begin, than sanch suggested we run out to the car for a smoke. Stepping out onto the sidewaLk, we saw the marching band on its way: 20 deep, Led by majorette norwood, aka Doo Wah Duty, they ambLed into the hospitaL -themed bar pLaying poLyrhythmic paradiddLes punctuated with puLsing horn parts, and sLowLy assembLed onstage in a suLtry samba. The horns, two trombones, trumpet and sax, were KILLIN" it!!! This was the Superbroke Brass and Tin Marching Band Ensemble henhousestudios They Left the stage as they came, inna marching band styLee, exiting with a rousing version of the SpeciaLs' Enjoy YourseLf.. heir mission to Loose the sphincter of the worLd was successful and I gotta say they were smokin' (take that however you want)...I saLute them... TruLio hit the stage at about 12:30 with Bronx StyLe Bob, Audra, Mark Cross, JeLLybean, MegaNutt, Vicki CaLhoun, 419, and many others joining Norwood. Much of it was next shit, created on the spot/in the moment, butt Vicki took over a coupLe times, first teLLing Lonnie to get on the bass and bust out Red Hot Mama, and Later dedicated WhoLe Lotta Love (yes, she tore up some Led Zep) to the birthday boy. There was def-innateLy a whoLe Lotta Love onstage and in the cLub, good times and good vibes at goodhurt... Vicki teLLs me there is taLk of a TruLio tour (west coast) toward the end of November, don't miss that... We gave Lonnie a ride back to hoLLywood, and stopped for a snack at Astro Burger. He toLd us about the funk cLass he teaches at the SiLverLake Conservatory, and we shared some nuttstalk stories going back to '94...weapon of choice is at the tempLe bar this friday,gonna get nut up aLL over again. and we fLy...

Fri 10/3
Quinto Sol
(Featuring members of Fishbone) Doors/Dinner/Drinks @ 7pm cover $8 18+

Oct 3, 2003
Fais Dodo
Me and benita got there late but right after quinto sol's (i think) set. trulio took the stage with that raggedy unrehearsed funky free style and just kinda started playin. i looked at it differently tonight the same way i have recently looked at the p-funk allstars. there are times when its gonna be raggedy and stuff but they always seem to get it going good at least once a show. trulio and norwood did that this night, in fact they got it going good more than once. most of the crowd had left. there was a black dude singing backup with a tall thick funky sista and just about everything that he initiated was p-funk. every chorus or chant he started wasa p-funk lyric and when he played bass he dropped atomic dog. i was diggin it. norwood say he gonna put this trulio disgracias thing together for real and will even schedule dates 4 weeks out! its a gray overcast southern california sunday morning and im spose to call him but im still in the bed so we'll see how that goes.

Dec 2, 2003
Good Hurt
A good set, raggedy as hell but it worked. the music had a groove that moved me and more than once it even got a little deep. started without a drummer using a drum machine that seemed to have drums and bassline. this accompanied norwood on the mic, bass and two guitars. then in the middle of the set a drummer from the audience comes up, gets his shit and joins them. norwood was good too with slight comedy and honesty about the music and how he wanted it played. oh yeah how the hell i forget?!!! marc cross was was on keyboards and this may have been a major key to the success of the evening musically. a few times norwood told everybody to stop and follow marc and the drums. he said without the guitars there was a lot of space and i digged this musical theory. gp funk squad was brothers on drums, bass and guitar. they played some zaapa (i am the slime) along with mostly their original funk type music. i could have sworn once the bass played flashlight and ofcourse i went off. they the first band funkin pie had a lead singer with good energy and a very very good voice. an almost glen goins type voice but the groove jus didnt work for me. i thought i was getting sick cause i wasnt energized by the music. then norwood made a professional music comment to me that put it all in perspective.

Good Hurt
norwood fisher present: Trulio Disgracias NORWOOD FISHER of the nationally famous "FISHBONE" brings out an all star line up of industry porfessionals in a jam-night format. The host bands are "TRULIO DISGRACIAS", "SHOPPY", and the "GP FUNK SQAUD". The flyer is a must see, packed with talent that has played in the some of the worlds best bands - Doors @ 8pm

December 19
malibu inn
8pm - all ages

April 8, 2005
fais do-do
los angeles

April 10, 2005
sunset blvd

June 10 2005
san francisco, ca

Dec 21, 2005
the joint
los angeles, ca

Jan 19, 2006 5:21 PM
3 Of Clubs

Sunday 1/22/06
Three Of Clubs
This is a nice way to end your weekend. There is no cover and you never know who will show up for this jam session. 1123 Vine st. at Santa Monica blvd., Hollyhood, CA 90038,The goddess Nut, is known as, The Mother Of The Gods And The Heavens. In the book, The Gods Of The Ancient Egyptian, by E. A. Wallis Budge, she is described as, "Nut, who represented the great watery abyss out of which all things came, and who formed the celestial Nile, whereon the Sun sailed his boats; this watery path was divided into two parts, that whereon the Sun sailed by day, and that which he sailed on during the night. Witness as we channel the essence of NUT, as The Velvet Tones Of Nuttness. A 100% telepathic musical nextperience. Norwood-bass, vocals Roger - guitar James-bass, drums Snake-percussion, drums Jason - keys Christian - drums. Please check back for line-up updates weekly. Thanx frum: KanNutt

January 8 & 15 2006
1123 Vine St. Hollywood, Ca. 323-462-6441

March 16, 2006
with ADM Ghetto Blasters & Four 19

the Mint
Los Angeles

Molly Malones
Los Angeles

the AirConditioned
Los Angeles

May 2, 2006
The roxy on sunset
NEW SHOW!! on the rox (upstairs)

Feb 13 2008
San Diego

March 8 2008
Blue Cafe
Long Beach, Ca

March 28, 2008
article on trulio at fishlips

Saturday JUNE 28TH

July 13 2008
The Viper Room
West Hollywood, Ca

Oct 3rd
Humboldt Ca Arcata

Oct 4th
Sebastapol Ca

Oct 5th

Feb 1, 2010
The Viper Room
Hollywood, Ca

Feb 9, 2010
Air Conditioned Lounge